Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

SKI LEE(Thanks for the name Bob Naman) VIDEO!!!!

I slalomed today for the first time in 12 years!!!! My photographer was my sweet lil 11 year old baby sitter so and there are parts in the video I'm posting that make ya kinda dizzy but......I STILL GOT IT EVEN @ age 30!!!! LOL (and after zig-zaging to an invisible ski couse I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow!!! SO PROUD AND GOT UP ON FIRST TRY!!! I'm SOOOOOO PROUD!!! LOL

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach trip and 4th of July

A couple weeks ago David's Parents rented a condo @ the beach! We Stayed Friday-Tuesday and had a blast! I think I could have left and Ansley never would have even noticed.  She LOVES Char-Char and Mr. Bob(David's Mom and Dad), Lisa and Ron Alyn (David's sister and husband) and they treated her like a princess! We all know she loves being the center of attention and for those 5 days she was.....X10!

Char-Char started playing a game with Ansley that has really helped me out!! Every morning when I try to wake up Ansley she is not the type to jump out of bed but since the doorbell game it's really easy!!! @ the beach Char would be on the porch with the door closed and Ansley would come up and say "Ding-Dong" then Char would let her in! Now when I go wake up Ansley I just poke her and say it! She starts laughing and gets up with out a fight!! Thanks Mrs. Charlotte!!!

Til this day Ansley will still tell me stories about the beach and she is always asking to go back to Char-Char's house and swim in the pool after school.  I have told her numerous times they do not live there and their house is hours away, where Santa came last year! They live 6 hours away and I wish closer! We both LOVE them so much and are blessed to have them in our lives!!! There are more pictures under "pictures" tab on home page!


Our morning started out.........EXTRA EARLY!!! We decided to go fishing so alarms went off @ 4:30 and since we brought Ansley we didn't get on the boat til a lil after 7am! We went up to Magnolia river and saw plenty of large fish- mainly Spec's but they for some reason didn't like our bait! So After fishing in many different spots and only catching a tan(well....David caught a burn LOL) we went back to the house a lil after noon for nap time. 

This ended up being a good call b/c not even an hour later a really bad thunderstorm popped up! And Thunderstorm= good sleep for the 3 of us!  @ 8pm we went back on the pier for the annual Fish River Fireworks show! Ansley had a blast! She was running around tickling everyone in sight whether she knew them or not.  Here are a few pictures:

Ansley and "Prince David" (she started calling him that) !! 


Ansley and Bella

 This is the dress I made her now I just have to replace the ribbon with pink and white so she can wear it some more!


Tickling "Prince David!"


Monday, July 2, 2012


Yea I know!!! It's been a LONG time since I wrote an actual "post" on here!! My Life has taken a complete 180 from where I was 2 years ago!  I will try to put the last year in a short post........ we'll see!

May 2011-

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011-
I decided to call an old friend aka my "What if."  So You are probably wondering what a "What if" is...... we all have them... they are friends, X-boyfriends or even someone of the opposite sex that we wanted to speak to but never did.  Well my "what if" is a guy I worked with MANY years ago.  When we worked together we had a blast! There was just something about him.  At one point I even thought I might have a lil crush on him.  Many Co-workers would ask me if something was going on... crush? etc and I always said no.  BUT I really did kinda have a lil crush ;)  and to this day (May 10th) would think about him from time to time..... wonder what he was doing. I have called him here and there in the past and sent a text or 2 and TT him one night (he seemed out and having a good time lol)     But I decided to call him just b/c I remember what I good time I had hanging out with him.  I have always wondered "what if" I would have broken up with Cody on a whim that I might have a crush on...............................David.

So I called him pushing #67 blocking my call.  Why?  That's a lil secret! between David, me and our mutual friend Crystal. :)  He Answered and we talked for a lil while, caught up on life and I found out he was coming across the bay to help Crystal's husband Rooster move furniture the next day.  So I called Crystal and pretty much invited myself over.  (David was aware of this) I had no intentions seeing David other than catching up with an old friend but obviously more than catching up happened.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011-
Ansley is usually kinda shy @ first but jumped into this lap within mins of meeting him! It Shocked me!  And he was SOOOOO good with her!  We all had a great night catching up and stayed a lil bit after Ansley's bedtime. But she didn't notice playing with her "Boyfriend" Hayden (Crystal's lil boy @month younger)  Ansley's 3rd Birthday was that weekend so I asked David to come (so Rooster would have a friend is how I played that one off LOL)

I remember leaving that night wondering when I would talk to him again.  My phone rang not even a mile after leaving their house and when I saw it was David all I could do was smile!  He said he was calling b/c his GPS wouldn't load and to make sure he was headed the right way home........ But I knew that was not the real reason ;)

Needless to say but I'm sure you all know how it went from there!

After dating David for a while I got really confused and scared.  We were @ the 3-4 month mark where in all previous relationship's seems to be the "getting serious" or "getting out stage" I freaked out!

I had a terrible marriage that I attempted for almost an entire year after separation to fix.  I said my vows to someone and meant them therefore forever to me meant forever! I am also Catholic, went to Christ the King Catholic School from K-8 then McGill Toolen Catholic High School and my parent brought us to Church every weekend.  All of my friends' parents are still together to this day!  I didn't believe in Divorce.  But if we go back to the beginning of this paragraph there is a "keyword" in there.

I was the only one working on "OUR" marriage.  So that brings us to today.  I AM DIVORCED! Yep and I can now talk about it.  God has forgiven me and I did this for Ansley and myself.  We deserved better. There was no way I would live the rest of my life walking on egg shells and getting screamed @ til 3am! So on Oct 11th 2010- almost a year after kicking him out of the house I filed for Divorce and I have never been happier!!  I do hate that he doesn't take care of Ansley or see her but I have no control and he is NOT in the right state of mind at this point in his life.  He actually said he is signing his rights over.  This does make me sad for the most beautiful lil princess I know but what can ya do?  -30k in child support! It's really just pathetic.  OK- enough about the past b/c "It is what it is" and I got rid of a monster!  Best decision for my daughter and she is my number one concern now and 4ever!


David and I have been dating over a year now and whether we do get married or not......but he was sent here for a reason! He is the first guy that has EVER treated me with respect.  He LOVES Ansley- They have a blast together!  David has taught me A LOT this past year and Ansley and I are 2 lucky girls!!!

I am working on her 4th of July dress right now! It is blue and white striped seersucker and has a red and white polka dotted ribbon on the top.  Therefore I can take that ribbon out and add a pink and white polka dotted ribbon!  I just thought it was pointless to sew a dress for one day that will not fit next year! Pictures will follow when I finish it!!  David just pulled up!!!! YAY!!! I'm attempting to write @least once a week! HAHA  We will see!!! But for now all I can say is LIFE IS GOOD AND I AM ONE LUCKY GIRL!!!!

Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011




Changed my name back!!!! :)

Ansley is learing how to take pictures!!!!

We Love Cappy!!!!

This Lil Girl is My WHOLE WORLD!!!!! LOVE HER!!!


Ansley Loves to climb up "Like a puppy"

Kisses from Bella!!!