Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach trip and 4th of July

A couple weeks ago David's Parents rented a condo @ the beach! We Stayed Friday-Tuesday and had a blast! I think I could have left and Ansley never would have even noticed.  She LOVES Char-Char and Mr. Bob(David's Mom and Dad), Lisa and Ron Alyn (David's sister and husband) and they treated her like a princess! We all know she loves being the center of attention and for those 5 days she was.....X10!

Char-Char started playing a game with Ansley that has really helped me out!! Every morning when I try to wake up Ansley she is not the type to jump out of bed but since the doorbell game it's really easy!!! @ the beach Char would be on the porch with the door closed and Ansley would come up and say "Ding-Dong" then Char would let her in! Now when I go wake up Ansley I just poke her and say it! She starts laughing and gets up with out a fight!! Thanks Mrs. Charlotte!!!

Til this day Ansley will still tell me stories about the beach and she is always asking to go back to Char-Char's house and swim in the pool after school.  I have told her numerous times they do not live there and their house is hours away, where Santa came last year! They live 6 hours away and I wish closer! We both LOVE them so much and are blessed to have them in our lives!!! There are more pictures under "pictures" tab on home page!


Our morning started out.........EXTRA EARLY!!! We decided to go fishing so alarms went off @ 4:30 and since we brought Ansley we didn't get on the boat til a lil after 7am! We went up to Magnolia river and saw plenty of large fish- mainly Spec's but they for some reason didn't like our bait! So After fishing in many different spots and only catching a tan(well....David caught a burn LOL) we went back to the house a lil after noon for nap time. 

This ended up being a good call b/c not even an hour later a really bad thunderstorm popped up! And Thunderstorm= good sleep for the 3 of us!  @ 8pm we went back on the pier for the annual Fish River Fireworks show! Ansley had a blast! She was running around tickling everyone in sight whether she knew them or not.  Here are a few pictures:

Ansley and "Prince David" (she started calling him that) !! 


Ansley and Bella

 This is the dress I made her now I just have to replace the ribbon with pink and white so she can wear it some more!


Tickling "Prince David!"


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